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Hacker Speed Controllers

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Hacker Master Control 105amp 6-16 cells OptoAero-Model$189.00
Hacker Master Control 18amp 6-12 cells BECAero-Model$85.00
Hacker Master Control 30amp 6-12 cells BECAero-Model$99.00
Hacker Master Control 40amp 6-12 cells BECAero-Model$109.00
Hacker Master Control 40amp 6-16 cells OptoAero-Model$109.00
Hacker Master Control 48amp 8-30 cells OptoAero-Model$169.00
Hacker Master Control 70amp 6-16 cells OptoAero-Model$139.00
Hacker Master Control 77amp 8-30 cells OptoAero-Model$209.00
Hacker Master Control 99amp 8-24 cells OptoAero-Model$249.00
Hacker Master Ctrl 6amp 6-12 cells BECHacker$75.00
Hacker Pro Link for Hacker X Pro SeriesHacker$14.99
Hacker X-12 Brushless Speed ControlHacker$44.99
Hacker X-20 Brushless ControllerHacker$49.99
Hacker X-20 Pro ControllerHacker$49.99
Hacker X-30 Brushless ControllerHacker$64.99
Hacker X-40 Brushless Speed ControllerHacker$89.99
Hacker X-7 Brushless ControllerHacker$39.99
Hacker X-70 OPTO Pro (Out of Stock)Hacker$119.99

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