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1/4" Nut for the 702/703 GBAstro Flight$0.50
25-40 Brush end BellAstro Flight$18.00
25-40 Front end BellAstro Flight$15.00
25-40 Front end Bell(Comp)Astro Flight$15.50
25-90 DD Prop Nut & WasherAstro Flight$1.25
325 5 Turn ArmatureAstro Flight$75.00
Astro 05 Brush End Bell w/BBAstro Flight$25.50
Astro 05 Front End Bell w/BBAstro Flight$22.50
Astro Bearings 1/4 I.D.Astro Flight$3.95
Astro Brush Caps 2 PackAstro Flight$1.50
Astro Brush Caps eachAstro Flight$0.75
Astro Brush Holder w/cap (Out of Stock)Astro Flight$5.95
Astro Brushes FAI 035-15, PRAstro Flight$6.00
Astro Brushes New 25-90Astro Flight$9.95
Astro capacitator 4pk.Astro Flight$2.00
Astro Circuit Breaker for 115D ChargerAstro Flight$4.50
Astro Cobalt 60/11T ArmatureAstro Flight$150.00
Astro Cobalt Magnet 1 inchAstro Flight$7.50
Astro Cobalt Magnet 3/4 inchAstro Flight$7.50
Astro Ctr Motor Bolt 020 (Non Brushless)Astro Flight$2.50
Astro Ctr Motor Bolt 035 2pkAstro Flight$2.50
Astro Ctr. Mtr Bolt 05-15 2pk(Out of Stock)Astro Flight$2.50
Astro Dual Capacitor KitAstro Flight$1.95
Astro Fuse 7 ampAstro Flight$2.25
Astro Motor Shim Kit for 020 -Astro Flight$2.50
Astro Motor Shim Kit for 05Astro Flight$2.50
Astro Motor Shim Kit for 25-90Astro Flight$2.75
Astro Old Style sm. Field 60 Flux RingAstro Flight$9.72
Astro Texaco 035/15T #23n ArmatureAstro Flight$37.50
Ball Bearing 1/8 in bore 035Astro Flight$3.95
Ball Bearing 5/32, CO 05-15 MtAstro Flight$6.00
CO 05 7T ArmatureAstro Flight$45.00
CO 15 10T ArmatureAstro Flight$45.00
Cobalt 035 7T ArmatureAstro Flight$45.00
Ctr Motor Bolt 25 (2 pk)Astro Flight$3.50
Ctr Motor Bolt 40 (2 pk)Astro Flight$4.50
Ctr Motor Bolt 60 (2 each)Astro Flight$2.50
Ctr Motor Bolt 90 (2 each) (Out of Stock)Astro Flight$2.50
FAI 035 5T ArmatureAstro Flight$52.50
FAI 05 5T ArmatureAstro Flight$49.00
FAI 15 7T ArmatureAstro Flight$45.00
FAI 25-40 Comp Front End BellAstro Flight$18.00
FAI 25-40 Comp Rear End BellAstro Flight$23.00
FAI 40 4T ArmatureAstro Flight$52.50
FAI 40 5T ArmatureAstro Flight$52.50
Geared, Prop Nut & WasherAstro Flight$1.50
Motor Magnet Hsg Standard 05-1Astro Flight$40.00
Motor Magnet Hsg. Elipitical FAstro Flight$50.00
Prop Bolt & Washer 020-15Astro Flight$1.25
Silver Brushes 615/640, pairAstro Flight$9.95
Battery Brushes Reedy SerratedB&T$2.50
Bearings 1/4 x 3/8B&T$3.75
Bearings 1/8x5/16B&T$3.75
Bearings 3/16x5/16B&T$3.75
Brush Springs HeavyB&T$1.80
Brush Springs MediumB&T$1.80
Brush Springs Supr HeavyB&T$1.80
Brush Springs Xtra HeavyB&T$1.80
Pro High Silver 35% BrushesB&T$5.00
5x11x3mm open Bearing (Jeti Mtrs.)Champion$3.95
5x16x5mm w/ two metal shieldsChampion$3.95
Heat Sink, 20x20mm: Park 400 InrunnerE-Flite$3.99
Shaft: Park 400 Brushless OutrunnerE-Flite$2.99
Shaft:Park 480 BL OutrunnerE-Flite$3.99
Large Capacitor 470mfGraupner$2.70
Small Capacitor 47mfGraupner$1.00
SPEED 400 Connector LeadGraupner$3.90
JST Connector Lead for Chargers Hobby Lobby$2.99
Motor Wires with SPEED 400 Connecor, Yellow, 13"Hobby Lobby$4.50
Prop Shaft w/Hardware: Super CubHobbyZone$3.19
Leisure Repl.Brushes All Leisure MotorsLeisure Electronics$5.00
Brushes for Turbo10 & GT mtr.Model Elec. Corp.$5.25
Diode for MEC mtr.Model Elec. Corp.$1.57
Brushes for MPI Cobalt 05-15 (Old Style)MPI$7.60
for MPI Cobalt 05-15 Motor Bolts (2)(Old Style)MPI$1.97
MPI Cobalt 05 armature 7 turn(Removed from New Mtr)MPI$27.00
MPI Cobalt 05 ball bearingsMPI$4.95

Due to COVID-19 our store location is open for curbside service only. Please call with your order and we will bring it out to you when you arrive.
Web site ordering is open as usual.
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