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AeroNaut 1/4 inch Adapter SleeveAero-Naut$1.00
AeroNaut 2.3mm Prop adapters Aero-Naut$8.60
AeroNaut 4mm Prop adapters Aero-Naut$8.60
AeroNaut 6mm Prop adapterAero-Naut$8.60
Propshaft adapter for 3.2mm Aero-Naut$8.90
Propshaft adapter, long for 3.2mm Aero-Naut$8.90
Propshaft adapter, long for 4mm (Out of Stock)Aero-Naut$8.90
Propshaft adapter, long for 5mm Aero-Naut$8.69
Astro 05-15 Prop AdapterAstro Flight$4.50
Astro Prop Adapter 25/40, 1/4"Astro Flight$6.00
Prop Adaptor 020 & 035Astro Flight$4.50
4mm Collet props (3.2mm)Graupner$5.99
4mm Collet Props (5mm)Graupner$5.90
4mm Collet/9-5 - 5-6 propGraupner$5.50
Graupner collet for 3.2mmGraupner$2.90
Prop coupler for 4mm shafts and the GR 1703 Gear DrivesGraupner$5.90
Prop Coupler for 6MM shaftGraupner$7.80
Prop Coupler-cut down to 1/4"Graupner$6.95
Prop Nut for GR288/1Graupner$0.50
Prop Nut for GR288/2Graupner$0.90
Prop Nut for Gr288/4Graupner$0.75
Prop Shaft Adap. /4mm shaftGraupner$8.40
Prop Shaft Adap. 1/8" (3.2)Graupner$10.00
Prop Shaft Adapter 4mmGraupner$11.40
Prop Shaft Adapter 5.0mmGraupner$12.79
Prop shaft adapter 5mm ((Out of Stock)Graupner$13.90
Prop Shaft Adapter 6MM (Out Of Stock)Graupner$14.89
Prop shaft adapter w/spinner for 2mmGraupner$5.31
Prop Shaft Adapter for 4mm Motor (Out of Stock)Hobby Lobby$8.79
2.3mm Higley Prop Adapt.Hobby Lobby$5.50
2mm Higley Prop AdaptersHobby Lobby$5.50
Aluminum "Prop Saver" Propeller Hobby Lobby$5.40
Aluminum "Prop Saver" Propeller Hobby Lobby$5.40
Aluminum "Prop Saver" Propeller Adapter, 3.0mmHobby Lobby$5.40
Propshaft Adapter Rings SmallHobby Lobby$3.90
Leisure Prop Adapter 1/8 x 3/16Leisure Electronics$5.00
Leisure Prop Adapter 3/16 x 1/4Leisure Electronics$5.00
M.A. Gear Box Aluminum Prop AdapterMaster Airscrew$5.00
Aluminum Adapters with O-Ring for Prop SaverModel Motors$3.90
O-Ring for Prop Saver, 1Model Motors$1.90
Prop Saver Propeller Adapter for AXI 22 Radial MountModel Motors$10.99
Prop Saver Propeller Adapter for AXI 22 Series Brushless MotorsModel Motors$4.90
2.3mm Prop Adapter for 400 mtrModelair Tech$5.50
2mm Prop Adapter for GD-280Modelair Tech$5.00
Long Prop Adapter for H-1000 for 1/4" shaftModelair Tech$9.50
Prop Adapter for H-500 for 1/4" shaftModelair Tech$6.00
Collet Prop Adapter for 5mm shaft, M8MP Jet$7.99
MPJet "Ultralight" Collet Prop Adapter for 2.3mm Shaft, M5 MP Jet$3.99
MPJet "Ultralight" Collet Prop Adapter for 3mm Shaft, M5MP Jet$6.00
Prop-Adapter (Motor Shaft-5mm,Prop Shaft-8mm)MPI$8.00
Prop Adapt., Blade Holder, Spinner: Cularis, EGPRO by Multiplex Modelsport USAMultiplex$13.25
Adapts 4.8mm shafts to 8mm PylonNCRC$1.50
Adapts Astro geared to Areo-Naut YokeNCRC$1.50
Adpts 020-15 prp.adptrs to 8mmNCRC$1.50
Direct Drive Astro 020-15 to 8mm holeNCRC$1.50
Long adapt Geared Astro to Areo-Naut YokeNCRC$1.60
Long adptr for Astro to Areo-Naut YokeNCRC$1.60
Longer adptr for 020-15 to 8mmNCRC$1.60
Prop adapterNCRC$6.95
Prop Adapter to use w/GR288/4NCRC$2.50
Prop Adapter & Spinner:J-3 Cub BL, Super Decathlon by ParkZonePark Zone$5.99
Prop Adapter:F-27QPark Zone$6.99
1/8 inch-3.2mm Shaft SaverRuss Pribanic$19.95
5/32 inch Shaft Saver 05,15Russ Pribanic$19.95
Shaft Saver Prop Nut 1/4x28 threadRuss Pribanic$2.00
32mm Yoke for 8mm shaftSimprop$13.50
Middlepart yoke,27mmSimprop$13.50
Watt-Age Prop Adaptor - PowerFan 400/6 (for impeller)Wattage$5.95
S400 Adapter & PropellerWindsor Propeller$6.25

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