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4 Female unasm AirCustom Electronics$9.95
4 Female unasm JRCustom Electronics$9.95
4 Male unassembled Air connectorsCustom Electronics$9.50
4 Male unassembled Fut. connectorsCustom Electronics$9.00
4 Male unassembled JR connectorsCustom Electronics$9.50
CEU Universal Radio ConnCustom Electronics$3.00
Futaba J Female connCustom Electronics$9.95
Locking Connector Set, 3 PinCustom Electronics$4.50
Female Connector Hsg. Fut.FMA$0.80
Female Pins for Male Hsg.FMA$0.25
Male Connector Hsg. Air.FMA$0.80
Male Connector Hsg. Fut.FMA$0.80
Male Connector Hsg. JR.FMA$0.90
ACC 6" Y Ext. Hitec/JrHitec-RCD$9.19
H.D. Switch/ Charge HarnessHitec-RCD$7.95
Micro Switch HarnessHitec-RCD$6.95
Spektrum 3 wire Switch Harness by Spektrum Horizon$13.99
Hitec/JR/Airt. Z 12" extMaxx Products$3.50
2.1mm TX plug-JR/Hitec/AirMPI$3.00
2.5mm TX plug-FutabaMPI$3.00
Airtronics 12 inch ext.MPI$4.00
Airtronics 18 inch ext.MPI$4.50
Airtronics 24 inch ext.MPI$4.50
Airtronics 36 inch ext.MPI$5.00
Airtronics 36 inch w/chokeMPI$12.00
Airtronics 6 inch ext.MPI$4.00
Airtronics femaleMPI$3.00
Airtronics female - 2 wire plugMPI$3.00
Airtronics Female Servo Plug Kit, (3 Sets)MPI$5.85
Airtronics male - 2 wire plugMPI$2.50
Airtronics male plugMPI$2.50
Airtronics Male Servo Plug Kit, (3 set)MPI$5.40
Airtronics to Futaba GMPI$4.50
Airtronics to Futaba JMPI$4.50
Airtronics to JR/HitecMPI$4.50
Airtronics Y-adapterMPI$6.00
Banana Plug Set (2R,2B)MPI$1.90
CEU Universal FemaleMPI$2.75
ERNST Security ClipMPI$1.50
Fut J Male Servo Plug Kit, 3 setsMPI$6.00
Fut. FG Tx Pack PlugMPI$3.00
Fut. G 24 inch extentionMPI$4.50
Fut. G Y-adapterMPI$6.00
Fut. TX Bat. Plug (white)MPI$3.00
Fut.G to J Batt. AdapterMPI$4.50
Fut.J 36 inch w/ChokeMPI$12.00
Fut.J to Fut.G AdapterMPI$4.50
Futaba G 12 inch ext.MPI$4.50
Futaba G female plugMPI$3.00
Futaba G male plugMPI$3.00
Futaba G to AirtronicsMPI$4.50
Futaba G to Futaba JMPI$4.50
Futaba G to JR/HitecMPI$4.50
Futaba J 12 inch ext.MPI$3.50
Futaba J 18 inch extensionMPI$4.00
Futaba J 24 inch extensionMPI$4.00
Futaba J 36 inch ext.MPI$4.50
Futaba J 6 inch ext.MPI$3.50
Futaba J 6" ext. w/32 ga. micro wireMPI$4.00
Futaba J femaleMPI$2.50
Futaba J female - 2 wire plugMPI$3.00
Futaba J Female plug HD 22ga. wireMPI$2.75
Futaba J Female Servo Plug Kit, (5 sets)MPI$6.50
Futaba J male - 2 wire battery plugMPI$2.00
Futaba J male plugMPI$2.50
Futaba J male plug HD 22ga. wireMPI$2.75
Futaba J male plug,w/32 ga. micro wireMPI$1.99
Futaba J to AirtronicsMPI$4.50
Futaba J to Futaba GMPI$4.50
Futaba J to JR/HitecMPI$4.00
Futaba J Y-adapterMPI$5.50
Hitec/Jr 36 inch ext. HD 22ga. wireMPI$4.50
Hitec/JR 6" ext.w/32 ga. micro wireMPI$2.75
Hitec/JR Female w/HD 22ga. wireMPI$2.75
Hitec/Jr male plug HD 22ga. wireMPI$2.75
Hitec/JR male plug, w/32 ga. micro wireMPI$1.99
JR/Hitec 12 inch ext.MPI$3.50
JR/Hitec 18 inch extensionMPI$4.00
JR/Hitec 24 inch ext.MPI$4.00
JR/Hitec 36 inch extensionMPI$5.00
JR/Hitec 36 inch w/chokeMPI$12.00
JR/Hitec 6 inch ext.MPI$3.50
JR/Hitec femaleMPI$2.50
JR/Hitec female - 2 wire plugMPI$2.50
JR/Hitec male - 2 wire battery plugMPI$2.00
JR/Hitec male plugMPI$2.50
JR/Hitec switchMPI$7.00
JR/Hitec to Airtronics (Discontinued item)MPI$4.50
JR/Hitec to Futaba GMPI$4.50
JR/Hitec to Futaba JMPI$4.50
JR/Hitec Y-adapterMPI$5.50
Jr/Hitec/Air Z Female Servo Plug Kit, (5 sets)MPI$6.50
JR/Hitec/Air Z Male Servo Plug Kit, 5 sets)MPI$6.00
JR347, 388 Tx Pack PlugMPI$3.00

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