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LiPo Protection Pouch, Large by Losi3-M$14.99
Timing Tool: Speed 400Aero-Naut$14.30
Blade Balancer, 3mm: 450 by Align Corporation LimitedALIGN$4.99
Dial Pitch Gauge: All 450, 500, 600, 700 by Align Corporation LimitedALIGN$20.99
Ball End Screwdriver 7 pc. Set,1.5-5mm by BondhusBondhus$18.24
Ball End Screwdriver 8 pc Set, .050-5/32" by BondhusBondhus$15.99
L-Wrench Set, .050-5/32" by BondhusBoundus$8.69
L-Wrench Set, 1.5-5mm by BondhusBoundus$6.99
Dremel 1/8" Stright Cutting BitDremel$7.80
Dremel Emery Polish.Point #427Dremel$2.50
Dremel Emery Polishing WheelDremel$2.95
Ball Driver Set with Holder (6 pc) by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$26.99
Ball Driver, 1/16 by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$4.60
Ball Wrench Metric: 1.5mm by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$4.60
Ball Wrench Metric: 2.5mm by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$4.59
Ball Wrench Metric: 2mm by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$4.60
Ball Wrench, .050 by Dubro Products Du-Bro$3.50
Ball Wrench,Metric,3mm by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$4.60
Cut Off Wheel/Mandrill,1-1/4" by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$4.90
DuBro 1-1/4" Cut Off Wheel (2)Du-Bro$4.90
Dubro 1/4-20 Tap and Drill SetDu-Bro$7.90
Dubro 2 MM Tap & Drill Set (QTY/PKG: 1 )Du-Bro$8.50
Dubro 2-56 Tap and Drill SetDu-Bro$7.75
Dubro 2.5 MM Tap & Drill Set Du-Bro$8.75
Dubro 3.0mm Tap and Drill SetDu-Bro$8.50
Dubro 4-40 Tap and Drill SetDu-Bro$6.00
Dubro 4.0mm Tap and Drill SetDu-Bro$8.79
Dubro 5mm Tap and Drill SetDu-Bro$7.99
Dubro 6-32 Tap and Drill SetDu-Bro$6.00
Dubro 8-32 Tap and Drill SetDu-Bro$6.39
Dubro Ball Link ToolDu-Bro$0.95
Dubro RC 10-32 Tap & Drill SetDu-Bro$7.90
Metric Ball Driver with Holder (5 pc) by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$23.99
Micro Servo Arm XL-BLBRD/MPI (6) by Dubro Products Du-Bro$6.25
Micro Servo Arm XL-EFLRS75/FUT/HRC (6) by Dubro Products Du-Bro$6.99
Standard Ball Wrench,3/32" by Dubro Products Du-Bro$4.60
Standard Ball Wrench,5/64" by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$4.60
Standard Ball Wrench,7/64" by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$4.60
Standard Wrench,5/32" by Dubro ProductsDu-Bro$4.94
Threaded Stud Driver 2-56Du-Bro$4.20
Tru-Spin BalancerDu-Bro$37.95
Nut Driver,5.5mm by E-fliteE-Flite$2.99
100 pk. #11 BladesEXL22611Excel$21.99
15 pack of #11 Blades/#EXL23011EXCEL$7.50
Excel Hobby Blades, pkg EXL520011EXCEL$2.39
Extra Hands w/Magnifier EXL55675Excel$18.99
Fox 4 Step Prop Reamer(Out of Stock)Fox$12.35
Fox 7mm & 8mm Prop Reamer(Out of Stock)Fox$12.35
Micro Digital Tachometer by Hangar 9Hangar 9$27.99
Harry Higley Tap-Drill GuideHarry Higley$8.80
Harry Higley Wire Bender 1/8Harry Higley$7.99
Harry Higley Wire Bender 3/32Harry Higley$4.99
Harry Higley Wire Bender 5/32Harry Higley$7.99
1/2" Round Sander, 9", C/FHobby Lobby$4.75
1/4" Round Sander, 9", C/FHobby Lobby$4.75
100 Single Edge Razor BladeHobby Lobby$8.90
3/4" Radius Sander, 9", C/FHobby Lobby$5.75
Bulk Modeler's Clamps, 10 (Out of Stock)Hobby Lobby$9.50
Medium Flat SanderHobby Lobby$5.75
Tip Drill with BitsHobby Lobby$8.99
Solder Station, 40W 120V by Weller - Cooper ToolsHorizon$79.99
6 pc Precision Screwdriver Set by Mascot Precision ToolsMascot Precision Tools$22.45
MA Balsa StripperMaster Airscrew$7.35
MA Razor PlaneMaster Airscrew$7.35
MA Razor Plane BladesMaster Airscrew$1.99
Curved Lexan ScissorsMPI$5.00
Puller for Astro 035,05,15,25-90 Mtr'sNCRC$29.95
Puller for Astro 05,15,25-90 Mtr'sNCRC$22.95
2.0-2.3mm Ctr. Bolt, for 280-300 Mtr'sNCRC$1.00
Lower jaw for Astro 25-90 Mtr's 1/4" shaftsNCRC$7.50
Lower Puller Jaw for 05-15, 5/32" shaftsNCRC$7.50
Lower Puller Jaw for 1/8 shaftNCRC$7.50
Pinion Press by New Creations R/CNCRC$28.95
Puller for 035 & 15 motors 1/8"- 5/32" shaftsNCRC$22.95
Puller for 05-15 motors for 5/32"shaftsNCRC$15.95
Puller for Astro 25-90 motors for 1/4" shaftsNCRC$15.95
Puller Speed 400 motorsNCRC$14.95
Puller Speed 500 motorsNCRC$15.95
Upper Puller Plate for 1/8 shaftNCRC$7.50
Postal/Package Scale 9volt AC AdapterPelouze$12.95
Crimping Tool for Servo PlugsRadio Shack$15.95
Carbide Cutting Bit 3/8'Robart$6.95
Carbide Cutting Tool 1/4"Robart$6.95
R-Tech CutterRobart$1.50
Hinge Point Drill JigRobart Mfg.$6.95
Robart Incidence MeterRobart Mfg.$36.99
Robart Surface Deffection GaugeRobart Mfg.$10.95
Micro Oiler, Ball Bearing by Team EpicTeam Epic$6.99
3/64 Tip Flat Tip for Weller 40w IronWeller$5.95
Conical Tip, .031":WLC100 by Weller - Cooper ToolsWeller$6.15
Screwdriver Tip , .187":WLC100 by Weller - Cooper ToolsWeller$8.00

Due to COVID-19 our store location is open for curbside service only. Please call with your order and we will bring it out to you when you arrive.
Web site ordering is open as usual.
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