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Acrovolt Sport Pattern PlansModelair Tech$12.00
Beech D-18/C45 PlansModelair Tech$17.00
Defiant 430 PlansModelair Tech$12.00
Fan Task Stik PlansModelair Tech$10.00
Little Diamond Old-Timer PlansModelair Tech$12.00
MG-2 PlansModelair Tech$12.00
Retro-Rocket Low Wing PlansModelair Tech$14.00
RetroRocketPylonElec.Sailplane PlansModelair Tech$14.00
SSP-400 PlansModelair Tech$12.00
Stratostreak Old-Timer PlansModelair Tech$12.00
TrainEE Electric Educator PlansModelair Tech$15.00
44" Fairchild 24PAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$12.95
48" Verti-Go PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$12.95
60" Fairchild 24PAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$16.95
60" Stinson PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$16.95
60" Verti-Go PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$19.95
B-17 Flying Fortress PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$46.95
Cosmic Wind PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$12.95
Dakota PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$24.95
E-IV Eindecker PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$13.95
F-6 Hellcat PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$19.95
Farman PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$12.95
Front Yard Flyer 41" SlowFlyerPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$9.95
Front Yard Flyer 41" SlowFlyerPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$9.95
J3 Piper Cub PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$12.95
P47 T-Bolt PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$19.95
Shoestring PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$12.95
Spirit of St. Louis PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$12.95
Stinson Voyager Plans 48"PAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$12.95
Voltz Plane PlansPAT'S CUSTOM MODEL$19.95

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